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With an experience in shock-absorber designing and manufacturing for many years, KONI, leader in Heavy Duty dampers (buses, trucks, trailers, military applications, railway, etc. …), has decided to combine its high level of technology and its 4×4 market knowledge to create a new range of offroad shocks dedicated to the raiders.

KONI offroad shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non-sophisticated but effective product to do the jobs it’s designed for; to finish in offroad rally raids


Twin-tube technology

  • Outer tube thickness of 2.5mm; damper function guaranteed in case of deformation of outer tube by impact of rocks

Reservoir tube

  • Big bore (70mm)
  • Oil volume has been doubled for better cooling & efficiency


  • Solid, robust attachments
  • Attachments welded all around (360°)


  • Possibility to adjust the rebound forces in order to adapt your damper to your springs and / or loads and so increase its life-span

Double dynamic protection

  • Rebound: progressive hydraulic rebound stop valve
  • Bump: extra security in case of big compression impact

Easy fitting

  • These shock absorbers make use of original attachment fittings.
  • No vehicle modifications are necessary.

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