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KONI shock absorbers for railway

In railway technology the demands for even higher standards for safety, durability, performance and passenger-comfort are universal. That is why we strive to be the leading solution provider for the global rail industry. Operating on all continents, KONI dampers are supplied to the world markets through a vast number of local distributors. Providing added value to you means that we are connected to your markets and therefore your needs. We deliver anywhere, anytime, worldwide.

As a market leader, we are committed to offering an unmatched service for railway solutions. If we want to exceed your expectations, we need to connect to your business. So we focus on your demands and requirements, whereby working together as a team is the key.

Product range:

  • Primer vertical dampers
  • Seconder vertical dampers
  • Seconder horizontal dampers
  • Yawl dampers
  • Inter-car dampers
  • Stabilizing dampers
  • Pantograph dampers
  • Door opener dampers

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