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EIBACH products for passenger vehicles


The german company EIBACH, which was founded in 1951, become the world's no.1 spring producer. The name Eibach means premium quality, thanks for the decades of experience. With the sport springs for street, you can greatly increase the road handling and appearance of your car, but you can easily make your driving experience uncomfortable with a bad decision, because the low-grade sport springs go wrong is a short term, they lose their flexibility by this detriment of handling and comfort of the car. No coincidence that the profession tuners of the street – as the top F1 WRC and NASCAR racing teams – are chosing EIBACH. With the EIBACH product it can’t occur. Why? Because the production of the high quality springs requires considerable skill and high degree of precision and EIBACH got everything to produce the best for their costumers:

  • Precision Tolerances—The Tightest in the Industry
  • Every Spring, ANTI-ROLL Bar and Damper Kit Extensively Developed and Road Tested for Maximum Performance
  • Street Kits Designed for the Best Performance, the Best Look—and the Best Ride.
  • Ultra-Lightweight, for Reduced Unsprung Mass
  • Exceptional Block Resistance and Durability

Eibach uses the exact same technology in their street springs as we do in their legendary race springs. They use the world's finest Hi-Ten spring steel, produced to exceedingly precise tolerances. They use world renowned German CNC coilers, as well as many unique machines engineered and built specifically by Eibach—simply state-of-the-art technology, in every step of the manufacturing process. But it's not just about machines and technology: it's about people. Most notably, the Eibach Springmeisters, working at production plants in Germany and the USA: Talented, expert craftsmen, each committed to creating the finest race—and street-performance—suspension products in the world. Performance proven on the track—Perfected for the street.

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